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pricing plan

$ 20 /year
$ 3 /month
$ 4 /month
$ 15 /-

The term for the Internet server rental services for the purposes of the website and emails. Parties lay or users of public hire hosting services to hosting providers such as Rsswebhosting and get a hosting account (amount of disk space, email accounts, access shell / FTP, etc.) and can upload files a website which then later can be viewed by visitors. Also called webhosting / web hosting, because it is generally always associated with the website, although there may be a special email hosting services only (email hosting), access to telnet / SSH / shell only (shell hosting), etc.

All Package Share Share Hosting and Reseller Hosting

Gigabit Network yes yes yes yes yes yes
NO oversold yes yes yes yes yes yes
CPanel Control Panel yes yes yes yes yes yes
Softaculous Auto Installer yes yes yes yes yes yes
FREE Setup no no no no no no
email account Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
web Mail yes yes yes yes yes yes
POP3, IMAP, and SMTP yes yes yes yes yes yes
E-mail forwarding yes yes yes yes yes yes
Anti SPAM (ASSP) yes yes yes yes yes yes
modifications MX yes yes yes yes yes yes
Add On Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Powerful Server

We only use the highest quality that is exclusively dedicated to a web server. Our server powered by Intel Quad Core and Dual Quad Core with Ultra Fast SATA3 as well as a minimum of 16 GB of DDR3 ECC memory.

migration Data

If you move from the hosting service provider prior to Rsswebhosting.com, we will help the process of moving data intact condition you use CPanel in place beforehand. Tell me your username and password in the previous hosting provider. Submit his removal to us

Based cPanel

Web Hosting services as we use cPanel based web hosting management tools most widely adopted by web hosting around the world. Convenience, security, compatibility, and reliability make cPanel as our top choice.

Enterprise Performance

Unlimited = Impossible! We do not sale low price promise. We strive rational in terms of price because we measure carefully limits the use of CPU, memory, space, and traffic on our servers, so we can deliver the best service.

24/7 Support

We constantly monitor the performance of our servers in a 24 x 7. Besides, we also always be here to help the customer if there is difficulty in using services Rsswebhosting.com.

99% Uptime

Supported hardware that is reliable and experienced resources as well as maintenance and monitoring is done continuously, Rsswebhosting.com guarantee 99% uptime each month

PHP & MySQL Latest

All servers we support the use of PHP 5.2.x, as well as using MySQL 5.1.x. Deangan eAccelerator as an accelerator, optimizer, and caches PHP, PHP script will run faster, more reliably under high load.

Softaculous Auto Installer

We use Softaculous Auto Installer as installer automatically for Cpanel fantastico, but Softaculous more complete and only 2 wizzart step in the installation software.

Daily Remote Backup

To keep from things that are undesirable happens to the server, we do a daily remote backup into different servers so that your important data will be maintained safely, where backup previous data will be overwritten by the latest data server perform backups

No Hidden Fee

There is no charge for which we hide from the customers, meaning customers will pay according to what was in the message, unless previously submitted their additional costs such as the upgrade package, adding features beyond the standard package and the like.

  Daily Backup

Multiple PHP Versions

  Unlimited databases

 1-Click Installer

  Unlimited emails

  100% Solid State Drives

  Cloudflare CDN


  Security & firewall

  Dedicated Resources

  24/7 support

  High Performance Servers