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Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is valid only between Rsswebhosting with its customers. Customers of the reseller or other party that does not directly use services Web Hosting Solution Rsswebhosting.com but not registered immediately as customers are not eligible for this SLA. Internet Connectivity Uptime Guarantee

Rsswebhosting.com Web Hosting Solution guarantees Internet connectivity on the server hosting uptime of 99% per month beyond downtime due to maintenance that had previously been announced through http://www.rsswebhosting.com Failure on the provision of Internet connectivity by Rsswebhosting.com on the hosting server due to a network interruption can be claimed if it lasts beyond the limit of 1% in a month and occurred at a time, not including the accumulation of a disorder that occurs below 1%.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Rsswebhosting.com provide server uptime guarantee of 99% uptime per month outside downtime due to maintenance that had previously been announced through http://www.rsswebhosting.com. To maintain the performance of the server, we do routine maintenance on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. During maintenance, it is likely the server will reboot without prior notification through the website.

Failure to provision server uptime by Rsswebhosting.com can be claimed if it lasts beyond the limit of 1% in a month and occurred at a time, not including the accumulation of a disorder that occurs below 1%.

 Data Security Assurance

Rsswebhosting.com provide security of customer data includes data web files, databases, and e-mail all the risk to the security of the data is not brought about by the customers themselves. Among the customers negligence mentioned below:

* Theft of access authorization (hosting account and all the facilities in it, cpanel, e-mail, and billing) as a result of the insecurity of the customer’s computer. Insecurity covering their customers’ computer worm, virus, keylogger, or because the customer access from public computers
* Having a file or a directory with all permissions read write (mode 777) on the hosting account
* Having a script that high security risk or commonly known as a bug

Over Failure Warranty Claims

Claims for the failure of the guarantee above may be claimed within maximum 7 days after the interruption.

Claims failure uptime server and network uptime must be accompanied by evidence of the results of traceroute towards the customer domain within disruption and will do crosscheck with our data.

The claim will be rejected if a failure occurs on Internet Connectivity Uptime Guarantee is caused by other parties that are outside tanggunjawab Rsswebhosting.com including but not limited therein:

Disruption of Internet connectivity to ISP customers
Internet connectivity disruption that occurred on one of the routes that become path connectivity from the customer to the server Rsswebhosting.com
Disruptions caused by force majeure
Disruption caused by the disruption caused by other parties such as DDoS, flooding or the like

If the disruption in the claims by the customer data matches the data Rsswebhosting.com, then Rsswebhosting.com obliged to refund the cost of hosting for one full month in the form of money or other compensation in the form of the addition of expiry hosting for 1 month.

Claims failure automatic guarantee will be void if:

Hosting account customers otherwise violate the Terms of Service
Hosting account customers have been suspended or removed
Customers have used more than 50% of the bandwidth resource (for a hosting package that has a limited bandwidth usage).

This warranty does not apply to domain name registration and setup fee.


Unlimited Bandwidth

We provide the facility of unlimited bandwidth in some of our hosting packages with the understanding that you are not limited in bandwidth usage.

Backup Data

Backup data is just we do to customers Share Hosting
Customers are required to take the precaution of backing up data on individual accounts of the facility hosting control panel which is crucial and essential nature so there is no adverse feelings of the customer to Rsswebhosting.com.
Rsswebhosting.com will make backups of all customer accounts shared hosting every Tuesday, and Saturday we began to do started Puku 01:00 Jakarta time (GMT) until completion, which will be stored in terpih on our backup server.
Rsswebhosting.com only 1 (one) version of backup for all customers shared hosting is the latest version of the server perform backups. So please be understood because backup data is done automatically by the server, there is the possibility of failure of the backup process or not all your data terbackup perfectly, so we still emphasize that you always do a backup of your data on a regular basis.
Rsswebhosting.com perform backups performed solely for internal server and we have no guarantee on the results of the backup we have done, so we were released on lawsuits and damages for loss or damages caused by negligence of customers in the data store (backup) periodically .
In the event of downtime resulting client data loss, Rsswebhosting.com will try to restore the last backup of existing and offering compensation that can be done by the World Friend Indonesia, Inc